Never play leapfrog with a porcupine.

A good laugh can lighten the mood, ease tension, or brighten a day. Just like adults, kids can use a good laugh during the ever-structured environment of an elementary school. Never is a list of cause and effect “no-no’s” that teach kids the standards of cause and effect, predictions, idioms, and inferencing with laugh out loud scenarios and illustrations.
-Never give a hummingbird an energy drink.
-Never share an embarrassing secret with a hyena.
-Never take a bull to see Santa Claus.
My vision of Never is targeting all elementary school students, specifically upper elementary. I envision the teacher reading the sentence, students sharing a laugh and predicting why it’s not a good idea to ‘sneak up on a skunk’, and the teacher revealing the illustration that shows a hilarious effect. At the end of the book, my plan is to include “real-life” never’s: Never get in the car with strangers, Never give personal information to people on the internet. And if possible, extend the series with Always and Sometimes.

Never play leapfrog with a porcupine.
Never eat black pepper near a dragon.
Never play a game of memory with an elephant.
Never eat a sandwich around pigeons.
Never sneak up on a skunk.
Never play hide and seek with a hawk.
Never shave near a shark.
Never streak near a mosquito.
Never take a bull to see Santa Claus.
Never take workout advice from a shrimp.
Never trust a bat with glasses.
Never hire a sloth as a motivational speaker.
Never share an embarrassing secret with a hyena.
Never compete with an opossum for an acting role.
Never let a turtle light the firecracker.
Never share your sandbox with a cat.
Never take up a fly’s dinner invite.
Never leave your wallet near a raccoon.