FAQ for Members

Why should I buy a membership with The Slush Pile Online?

The Slush Pile Online is designed to give aspiring authors the opportunity to post their literary ideas.  The website was created because it gives aspiring authors a community of verified literary agents and publishers looking at their ideas at the same time.  In the community, they have access to communicate with book industry professionals through public or private messaging.  So instead of emailing to one literary agent or publishing company at at time, they can post their idea and have all agents and publishers on the website view their idea at the same time.  We don't want a cut of your book deal, we just want to give aspiring authors or illustrators a less time consuming opportunity to have eyes on their ideas.

Why must I pay to submit a query?

You are paying for more than submitting a query.  Besides being able to post as many literary ideas as you'd like to a project board visible to multiple literary agents at one time, you have access to a community of other aspiring authors and illustrators as well as professionals in the literary business.  You may possibly receive promotions of your literary ideas through The Slush Pile Online's social media pages.  Pitch conferences cost hundreds of dollars plus travel and lodging, phone conversations with a professional cost you money by the minute, and submitting to one literary agent at a time cost you time.  This is an opportunity to all writers and illustrators whose careers don't allow them the time to research which literary agent or publishing company is the best match for their work.  The Slush Pile Online allows you to submit it and let your idea do the work.  For the price of a bottled drink, you can submit your idea for literary professionals to see, possibly give suggestions, and possibly represent.  The Slush Pile Online is a "What you see is what you get" website.  The project board will have all of the projects that our members post, so you don't have to select who will receive a submission to your idea, they all see it.  No member, agent, or publisher is paid for their part or membership to The Slush Pile Online.  Everyone who joins the website voluntarily registers and creates their profile.  If you don't want to pay, try the traditional way, but the small payment is to help pay for upkeep of the website which is designed to give you convenience and more visibility.

How do I know that I am dealing with real literary agents and publishers?

Each literary agent and publisher registers for free, so anyone can try to sign up to become a literary agent or publisher.  However, we check each person claiming to be literary agents and publishers by emailing them through the business email they provide and using current databases of literary agents and publishers.  EACH LITERARY AGENT AND PUBLISHER WILL BE VERIFIED BY A BLUE CHECK.  If they do not have a blue check, then they weren't verified and won't have access to view your private information anyway.

I don't want everyone to see my idea, can I just submit my idea to literary agents and publishers?

Yes!  When you create a project, the fourth step will give you visibility controls.  You can select everyone, which is everyone who views the website member or not; only me, which allows you to save something that you have but may want to add a few more things to the project before publishing it; and Agents/Publishers Only, which only allows verified literary agents and publishers who have a membership to the site to view your work.

So if they like my idea, what happens?

If they like your idea and want further information, they can private message you and ask for an email address.  From then on out it is between you and the literary agent or publisher.  Hopefully, they will ask for your manuscript and offer to represent or publish you.  The Slush Pile Online doesn't want any cut if you get found on our website, we just want to help the world hear your story.

What do I need to do to get my idea on the website?

The first thing you need to do is set up your profile.  Let the world know who you are, where you're from, a little about yourself, and what you enjoy writing.  Next, you need to add work:  A project will be the most popular.  A project is the literary idea or illustration you completed and want to showcase.  Click on "Project" and give it a title that will catch someone's eye.  Your title may be your hook or an eye catching sentence.  In the description, write a brief synopsis of your idea, just like writing a query letter.  As you move on, add photos, audio, or video if you need it, but that section is mainly for illustrators.  The third step allows you to add a cover photo if you'd like, but if you choose not to, it will show the default photo.  The fourth step allows you to choose the visibility and if you want to allow comments or not.  You have the option of adding a WIP, or Work in Progress.  This is for people who have an idea, but have not completed their story or illustrations.  It is mainly to get feedback and other ideas on how to continue.  The other option is collections.  If you like other projects or WIPs, then you have the option of adding them into your collections.



FAQ for Literary Agents and Publishers

Why should I join The Slush Pile Online?

This is a free resource that can offer you more or different ideas than you may come across through your email.  It also allows you to join a community of people looking to become authors or illustrators as well as other literary agents and publishers.

How do I register?

As a literary agent or publisher, click on the membership link on the title bar above and click on the correct registration, or you can click on the register button in the top right hand corner.  Once you register, you can create a profile.  You will not have access to view "Agent Only" projects until The Slush Pile Online manually verifies your account.  

What if I like an idea, what do I do next?

Once you like an idea, communicate with the member through private messaging.  We would appreciate knowing if you found someone on our website.

What do I have access to as a Literary Agent or Publisher on the website?

You are able to see every project or work in progress created on the site.  If you like certain ideas, you can add it to your collections.  You can also friend and follow other members on the site for easier access to their information.

I only care about my genres, I don't want to see all of the projects flooded on the homepage, what can I do?

Use the sort buttons on the home page, this allows you to easily sort the projects or WIPs by the genre that you really care about.