Welcome to The Slush Pile Online.  This website is dedicated to providing more opportunities for aspiring authors to find literary agents and publishers.  The current system is not broken, but it is time-consuming for full-time working professionals who write on the side as a hobby or a passion.  Our goal is to provide people with great literary ideas an opportunity to have their ideas seen by multiple literary agents or publishers at one time.

A good story will sell itself, but we've all heard how great stories have been rejected numerous times before ever making it big:

Harry Potter was rejected 12 times by publishing companies before it was published.

"Too different" was the common rejection that Dr. Seuss received.

Years of rejections didn't stop C.S. Lewis from pursuing the publication of The Chronicles of Narnia.

So why not present your ideas to multiple eyes in the literary profession?  Why not share what you're working on with other aspiring authors?  Why not view other ideas that you typically don't represent?  Why not give an online slush pile a chance?

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